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LED Lighting Can Transform Christmas House Lights In Toronto From The Traditional To The Modern

LED Lighting Can Transform Christmas House Lights In Toronto From The Traditional To The Modern

Each year, it’s the same story: when to start putting up Christmas lights, and then after the holiday season wraps up, when to take them down. When it comes to Christmas house lights, Toronto homeowners face a mixed bag of emotions and obligations. There’s always the pressure to have a spectacular Christmas light display, and there are few better ways to communally get in the Christmas spirit than with a festive holiday lighting display, but the time and effort required by installing Christmas lights around your house each year, and the drudgery of removing them again, can put a damper on an otherwise happy time. Maybe the solution is to think outside the box (or bulb) for next year’s Christmas lighting options. Rather than sticking with old-style string lighting that requires set-up and tear-down every year, why not look at permanent LED house lighting that can be completely customized and programmed to meet your every need, all year round?

You Have The Power

The first thing you think of when considering Christmas lighting for your home may not be power consumption, but when you realize just how efficient and inexpensive LED lights are to operate, you’ll definitely appreciate the advances that have been made over the last few years. Electricity consumption costs pennies on the dollar compared to old-school incandescent lighting, and the efficiencies don’t end there. Because they’re so efficient at turning electricity into light, LED light strips waste almost no energy creating heat. This makes the lights safe from the risk of overheating and starting a fire or damaging heat-sensitive materials around them. It also means you get more light for the size of the bulb. Many times smaller that traditional bulbs, LED lights can produce a lot more light, and can be found in any colour imaginable. No need to install different lights or be locked in to a single, boring pattern each and ever year.

The Sky’s The Limit On Your Roof

Speaking of customizable, there’s literally no end to the number of possibilities that exist for you to personalize your LED Christmas lighting display. The lights themselves are capable of generating any colour you can think of, and you can even program (and re-program!) your lights right from your phone! Just imagine the freedom to hit a couple of buttons and have your classy, neutral-toned light display go straight to a raucous collection of bright and festive colours for your big Christmas bash, and then to be able to get them all back to white and blue accents all without setting a single foot on a ladder or the roof! You’re able to make your display truly unique and personal, all without the significant expense and hassle of replacing bulbs or strings, or the risk of climbing up and down a ladder a few times a year.

If you really want your next Christmas light display to sand out in your neighbourhood, think this year about ditching the tangled mess of light strings in your basement, attic or garage, and opt for something new and different for your next set of Christmas house lights. Toronto homeowners are slowing getting to know the idea of permanent LED light strips that can serve as Christmas lights when you want, and be either off or gorgeous accent lighting all year round.